Baseball Motivation Tips

Anybody who is in this game knows very well how much of a grind baseball is. Between hitting practice, exhibitions, team practice, weight training, speed work, conditioning, and a wildly frequent in-season game schedule – you have a lot to deal with.

And this doesn’t even include the fact that you’re still supposed to have a life!

School, work, sleep, hobbies, and any form of social life all need to be factored into how this is going to work around your baseball life.

Because we love baseball so much, we don’t see any of this as a chore – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear down on you at times. Even the things we love the most can drag us down at times simply because a human can only endure so much when they are juggling a dozen balls at the same time.

When this happens, the motivation for baseball and motivation for baseball training can start to suffer. So, with that said, here are my Top 9 Tips to rekindle that fire you have for baseball training and get you back doing what you need to do in order to become the best version of yourself.

Tip #1: Caffeine Supplementation

Beyond the fact that caffeine stimulates your nervous system to release certain hormones and neurotransmitters to give you a kick-in-the-butt boost in energy, caffeine has also been demonstrated to improve physical performance in many clinical trials as well as decrease your perceived rate of exertion during physical activity.

This can be as simple as a cup of coffee 30 minutes prior to your next training session – if you haven’t already utilized caffeine pre-workout, it might be the next tool you use during times of need where energy is low (but not use it all the time or else you may gain a dependency on it).

Tip #2: Pictures of Your Vision

If there’s a player you would like to emulate, a team you would like to make, or a record you would like to break – then seek these photos out online and print them out so you can keep them in your line of sight.

By placing these pictures in places like on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, or in your car you will have a constant reminder as to why you’re getting up and facing the grind.

Tip #3: Become Accountable

If you join a baseball group on social media or even just talk to your friends, family, and teammates in your life – you can tell them your goals and notable workout achievements.

Social accountability is one of the best ways to create motivation for becoming better because your goals and process are now public, and you don’t want to let them or yourself down on this journey.

Tip #4: Get a Baseball Training Partner

Getting a workout partner will keep you from hitting the snooze button and sleeping through the workout because there is nothing more motivating than the thought of letting someone down by making them wait.

If you have trouble getting a workout partner from your group of friends or family, checking out the local gym for fitness clubs or exercise groups will be a good back up plan.

Tip #5: Consider Hiring a Baseball Training Coach

Though Tip #4 can help you a lot if you have a friend on board, nothing is going to be more impactful than having a personal trainer push you, provide you with a plan, and correct any technical breakdowns on the way.  If a 1-on-1 in-person coach is out of your budget, our Baseball Training Programs would be the next best choice!

Tip #6: Create a Plan

Most people don’t have the budget to hire a personal strength and conditioning coach, but even still, one of the best ways you can motivate yourself is to know exactly what workouts you’re going to do.

This way, when you wake up each day you have an exact planned workout that you know you’re going to prepare for and crush no matter what. I have already provided you with tons of free workouts in past blogs and have also created full and complete training programs that you can run as well.

Use these as your plan and you’ll have an exact layout of how you’re going to become a better baseball player.

Tip #7: Use a Training Journal

Because you now have planned workouts from using the above tips, I want you to fill in quick descriptions of how each workout felt – along with the exact amount of weight and reps you performed for each and every set of the workout.

When you do this, you create a figurative “check mark” beside the fact that you did a productive workout for the day, but you also now have benchmarks to beat during next week’s workouts.

Tip #8: Use Monthly Pictures to Gauge Progress

Since you are already going to add vision-based pictures, I think it’s also wise for you to start taking pictures of yourself each and every single month so that you can see all of the progress you’re making.

Try taking front, side, and back pictures once every month. Always make sure the pictures are done in the same place with the same lighting and with the same clothes on (ideally, just your underwear).

Once you see the changes your making (this is mostly if you have muscle building and/or fat loss goals) you will be more motivated than ever to keep the train rolling!

Tip #9: Self-Talk

Never underestimate the value of and importance of talking yourself up, thinking positive thoughts about yourself, and using certain phrases to get you into the zone.

It can be as simple as “I’ve got this” – or it can be a longer process where you listen to a motivating speech on the way to the gym or on the way to the ballpark.

In any case, I want you to vocalize your goals on a regular basis, be positive about where you’re at, and verbally convince yourself that you’re a beast each day at that you’re going to make this thing happen no matter what.

Closing Words on Baseball Motivation

Motivation is something that has an expiry date for all of us during certain times in our lives, but we must never give in to the lure of procrastination and laziness and instead find ways that work for us to keep us on the right track for success.

Use any combination of the above tips that work best for you and start putting them to practice, I promise you will become a better baseball player for it.

Keep training hard, and make sure you bookmark our Baseball Training website to stay motivated with your training!

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  • I try to have a great work ethic. I think I do pretty well, I get up at four every morning and train and then I stay out taking batting practice until ten or eleven at night. Thank you for the article!