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Welcome to our baseball training programs page, where you will find every online program we offer for baseball players.

If you’re looking to become a better baseball player this is a page you will want to bookmark, as we plan to release a number of high-quality programs over the next year.

Youth Baseball Training Program

Youth Baseball Training Program

Most of the articles, videos and training programs you will find online about baseball training are focused on higher level players at least in their teens.

What about the younger youth baseball players?  I’ve put together a complete program for baseball parents who are looking to help set their child up for success on the diamond – both right now at a young age and in the future.

Youth baseball players can’t be following a training program designed for older players for many different reasons.  Not only are their bodies not ready for the same type of training, but they also probably won’t enjoy the baseball training.

If a kid isn’t having fun they won’t be as engaged and it can also be dangerous for their relationship with the sport.  This youth baseball training guide will teach you how to train your son or daughter in a fun but effective way to help them become a better baseball player.

The guide covers a lot of different topics ranging from youth nutrition to why you want to be training youth athletes to proper stretching for baseball games.  And the best part about this guide is that it also includes a full youth baseball training program for the kids to follow.

Get access to the Youth Baseball Training Program here.


This program is great for players ages 8-14!

Equipment Needed?

Because this is a youth program, a lot of the exercises are bodyweight exercises, but you will need access to some light dumbbells and pull up bar to perform all of the exercises. 

If you don’t have access to a gym you could get away with just a pair of light dumbbells and perform a majority of the training. I am always available to provide substitutions when needed!

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Baseball Speed Training Program

Baseball Speed Training Program

It isn’t a secret that speed is extremely important in baseball and can help you make the jump up to the next level.

Unless you’re a big-time slugger, you are going to need to be above average in the field, on the basepaths, or, ideally, both.

In order to be above average in the field and on the basepaths, you are going to need to have some speed.

Speed will help you get to more baseballs in the field, and get on base more and create more runs on the basepaths.

Defense and baserunning aren’t as ‘sexy’ as hitting home runs, but guys in the MLB are making a living getting on base and stealing bases with elite speed.

I’ve put together a complete Baseball Speed guide, which will not only teach more about how to properly train for speed, but also provide a full baseball training program to increase your speed.

Get Access To The Baseball Speed Training Program here.


This program is great for players ages 15 and older.  I recommend younger players start with the Youth Program.

Equipment Needed?

A large number of the exercises will require no equipment at all, but with that said, you should have access to some equipment found at a gym. 

For example, I use a medicine ball pretty regularly throughout the program, and a box for box jumps. If you have only a medicine ball you will be fine to do the program!

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Baseball Hitting Power Program

Hitting Power Program

Want to start crushing the ball?

I’ve put together a training program will help you increase your power, strength, and explosiveness so you can start crushing the ball every time you step up to plate.

We will work on your overall hitting power and bat speed so that you start to get more extra-base hits and home runs, drive in more runs, and become your team’s best hitter.

Everyone could use more power in their swing, and this training program focuses solely on that.

After just a few weeks running this training program, you will notice you are hitting the ball harder and further, and you will become an all-around better hitter.

Turn your singles into doubles and your doubles into triples and home runs…

Get Access To The Baseball Hitting Power Program here.


This program is great for players ages 15 and older.  I recommend younger players start with the Youth Program.

Equipment Needed?

Since I don’t want to cheapen the program, you will need access to a gym in order to successfully complete this system. 

The best programs require proper resistance and progression, but you won’t need anything fancy. 

Sign up for your local gym and start right away. 

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