Author - Dan Garner

Dan Garner is the head strength coach and nutrition specialist at He has coached baseball players and other athletes at all levels from youth to MLB players. Garner holds many educational credentials and has been mentored by some of the top coaches in the world.


Baseball Agility Workout

When you work with baseball athletes, you want to make 100% sure that your programs are going to improve their performance in a game setting, and not just...


Baseball Speed Drills

Baseball is a sport of made up of explosive starts, high-velocity direction change, and the ability to instantaneously decelerate so that you can redirect your...


Cool Down for Baseball

When you are finishing up a baseball workout or intense practice, it’s important to engage in some form of cool down activity. The cool down is primarily in...


Baseball Speed Training Tip

So many athletes even to this day perform very poorly because of a very simple training mistake, long distance running. Baseball is a sport that has a long...


The Perfect Baseball Program

The internet is becoming more and more popular for baseball athletes in respect to reading and researching new strength and conditioning methods. Plenty of...